How It Works for Advertisers

1. Create advertiser's account by registering through this URL: https://advertinlink.com/advertiser.php, scroll down and click register button

2. Confirm your email address by clicking on the link that is sent to your email

3. Login to your advertiser's account

4. Add funds to your account. add minimium of $50 or more to your advertiser's account.

How to add funds to your Advertiser's account

               1. From payments down payment

                2. Click on add funds

                3. Select Paypal or Stripe(pay with credit or debit card), Enter the amount you want to add

                4. Click on  pay with Paypal button if you selected Paypal, you will be redirected to Paypal website to complete your payment or enter your credit or debit card information and click on pay with Stripe if you selected Stripe

5. Create ad. 


How to create ad

1. From ads at the top menu, click on create ad

2. Enter your ad name, title, discription, display URL, click URL

3. Click on next button

4. Select location if you want your ad to target specific location or Your ad will be targeted worldwide.If you don't select any location.

5. Click on next button

6. Add keywords (optional) , add keywords only if you want your ad to only display on specific keywords or skip keyword if you want your ad to display on all devices, display on all publisher's websites.

7. Click on next button

8. Select devices (Optional)

9  Click on next button

10. Enter CPC Rate (how much you want to be charged per click, the higher CPC Rate the higher traffic to your website), Enter Ad Total Budget( how much you want to spend per ad), Enter Ad Daily Budget ($)(optional, leave blank if you want your ad to run all day non stop)

11. Click on Add button

Your ad will automatically display on publisher's website immediate you click on Add button if you have enough funds in your account.